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A community conference connecting women locally

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Revive Podcast

A weekly internet radio program to renew strength anytime and anywhere.

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Register Here. Intimate Seminars to Restore Mind, Body, & Soul .  Biblical truths, tools, & strategies in areas where women feel stuck.

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Julie Pearson is an ordinary women, but with an extrordinary vision.

In 2009/ 2010 Julie sensed a vision for the church to be united for the sake of spreading the gospel. She wholeheartedly believes there is power in unity and ” We Are Better Together.” God calls for the church to be one, as God and the Son are one. Unity in the church body is foundational for the world to see and experience the love of Christ.


Recent Blog

Joy Is Possible After Grief

By Julie Pearson (Founder of Gap Gals Ministry) Hang on whatever is grieving you today will one day turn to joy! This is one of Jesus’ promises. (John 16:20) I just graduated from college and landed my first real job at one of the most prestigious clothing retail stores, Nordstrom. I was so excited to work at Nordstrom and as a benefit, see my wardrobe increase with high level fashion, especially at a discounted rate. I was originally hired as a seasonal worker during their half-yearly sale, but I was certain I would be hired as a full time employee. I was one of the top sales people so I assumed a full time offer was a shoe in for me! The high season quickly came to a finish and it was time to reduce the labor force. I was fighting for that full time position. I was a poor college graduate so I needed and wanted this job badly! The answer was NO! How could this be? It seemed like the perfect job for me to gain the sales experience I was pursuing. My wounded heart was wrestling with the NO. I felt like the child in grade school that was chosen last for the dodge ball team. Rejection at its finest! The loss of a job caused grief to set in. Thoughts of, “I’m not good enough” battled in my mind. My sense of joy and peace began to wither after several other job interviews. The NO’s were

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