Founder Message

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Julie Pearson is an ordinary woman, but with an extraordinary vision.

Julie has been married for 24 years to the most amazing man.  She has 3 beautiful children who are her pride and joy.  She loves the sun, her favorite food and drink is coffee, and she is always up for something fun and exciting!!

In 2009/ 2010 Julie sensed a vision for the church to be united for the sake of spreading the gospel. She wholeheartedly believes there is power in unity and ” We Are Better Together.” God calls for the church to be one, as God and the Son are one. Unity in the church body is foundational for the world to see and experience the love of Christ.  Gap Gals Ministry was birthed from a burden God put on Julie’s heart.

After several years of successfully uniting nine local churches in her community, God reshaped the ministry due to changing landscapes and her own journey of life.  Revival 4 Women is focused on building authentic community & connection to help Restore Women.  When we are Restored by God, we will live Revived!

Julie’s passion is for women to be equipped to live Restored, Empowered, & Revived.  She understands each woman’s journey is different but there is one common thread.  To know God’s love from the inside so each woman can demonstrate His love on the outside.  Our outside lives improve drastically when our insides are healthy, strong, & secured by His love.

Take a moment to see what God has done in the last 8 years.  We are expecting God to do more great and mighty things moving forward.