From Rejection to Promotion

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From Rejection to Promotion

James 4:10 (NIV)  “Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up.”

Moving forward with my career, I was elated with my new job.   As an assistant, learning the ropes, I couldn’t wait   to get promoted to a manager  I loved the manager I was working for, and I was excited about all the opportunities ahead.  This job was a perfect fit.

After about 9 months, it was my time to interview for the manager position.  In my mind, it was a no brainer for me to get the promotion.  I was next in line.  There were other candidates who interviewed, but I was fairly confident I was going to get the position.

The day came to announce the new manager.  I went into the Directors office sure of my congratulations.  Instead, I walked out of the office head down, feeling like I just got punched in the stomach.  I couldn’t believe the news.  I got passed up for the promotion. It didn’t make sense.  I deserved this promotion… I was the next person in line for this job, and I worked so hard for it!

I had to face all my co-workers and deal with this sense of rejection and betrayal.  How could I take the high road and keep my head up when I just got rejected was consumed with insecurity; I wanted to ignore it and pretend that it didn’t exist, but now I felt insignificant and unworthy at my workplace.  How could I muster up enough courage to interview at the next opportunity?  I was afraid of being rejected again.

What about you?  Have you faced a similar situation where you felt like the world just turned its back against you?  Perhaps you were also passed up for a promotion?  Or, a trusted friend turned against you?  Your husband came home and told you he didn’t love you anymore?  Rejection and betrayal slice deep wounds within our soul and cause serious heartache.

Jesus knows this – his life epitomizes betrayal and rejection.  He lost all dignity at the cross.  Jesus’ disciple Judas, was supposed to have his back. Instead, Judas betrayed him and turned him over to the religious leaders who wanted to crucify him.  Judas chose to go along with the crowd in exchange for silver, leaving Jesus betrayed by the one he loved.  The lesson I find interesting in this story is Jesus did not retaliate.  Instead, he took the high road and actually healed one of his perpetrators.  Jesus also understood the bigger picture behind his betrayal.  He would eventually be promoted (raised from death) instead of stay demoted.  What an example of a man who remained humble despite his betrayal.

God promises in James 4:10  “Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up.”

I am so glad I was able to give my wounded heart to a savior who loves, cares and wants the best for me.  He understood my pain, he helped me see a bigger picture.  As I humbled my broken heart to him, He lifted me up with a new promotion that was better than the first.   I understood the statement, “Betrayal is the pre-requisite of promotion.”

Take a look into your own life.  Have you allowed betrayal and rejection to rot the inside of your heart – causing you pain, heartache, and brokenness?  If you are struggling with the wounds of rejection and betrayal, surrender it to Jesus.  Shout it out to Jesus, and he will lift you up.  This is a promise in God’s word, but we will never experience this promise if we don’t take responsibility, obey and humble our broken hearts to him.

So what do we gain when we invite Jesus to heal our wounds of rejection and betrayal? We don’t allow this pain to dictate our life.  We allow ourselves to give love, find love, move forward in our jobs and maintain healthy relationships.  I don’t know about you, but I want to live this kind of life. It’s worth it to me to humble my broken heart so my life can be full of promotion, rather than demotion.

By Julie Pearson