No Qualifying – You WILL

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No Qualifying – You WILL

By Linda Mayer –

How many of us would choose risk over comfort? Probably not many of us… and yet, sometimes doing what God asks us to do requires taking a risk at times… It’s not something we really set out to do, and is not a normal mindset in our culture.

Recently, I started watching Lisa Harper, a fabulous Bible teacher, on the Internet … and one of the questions she posed was this very thing, “What are some examples of choosing risk over comfort in our everyday lives?” I bet if you sat down right now and gave it a minute, you’d discover that in your walk with Jesus, He has changed your mindset and your actions and you didn’t even know it.

Here’s what I came up with when I answered this question…

  1. I am no longer employed in a paid position. About a year ago, I was sort of pushed into letting go of “who I was” in my job. It was uncomfortable, and I had a hard time letting go. And it makes my husband extremely uncomfortable in regards to our finances. But do you know what? I started having time to do what God has asked of me…
  2. I am writing – when God told me to write a book (working on it) I tried and tried. It wasn’t the best – in fact, it was pretty awful. And when He originally told me to write, I told Him I didn’t want to be a one-hit-wonder. And He gave me so many ideas and thoughts that I could never have enough time to write about everything He taught me…
  3. I blog. I started this to find my writing style for the “book.” But you know what? God has used these little stories of mine and literally taken them all over the world… who in Botswana would read my blog? Nobody, but they come to get the Word. God has blessed this blog tremendously.
  4. By giving my testimony, long and drawn out as it is, I have been allowed to lead a women’s breakfast once a month at my church. It’s not me all the time, it’s women doing a craft tied to a Bible story, or a church member giving their testimony, or an outside worship leader coming to in lead worship… and
  5. I get to co-teach Bible studies at my church. I knew I was supposed to minister to women. I knew that was coming, but not nearly so soon. And I love it! But see, God knows best. He knew I’d be overwhelmed if He planted all of it on me at the same time… these things happened one at a time, and when I write it all down, I am overwhelmed.

When God first started making all these upside-down changes in my life, I was uncomfortable – I resisted. I said, “But God, that’s not gonna work.” And do you know what? He has changed me – from the inside out. My saying, “But God,” has changed to, “What are you going to do now, God?”

So Lisa Harper explains, “The book of Acts is not ‘relaxing’ – it is wild and adventurous and a risk-taking kind of book. It’s all about choosing risk over comfort.” The disciples’ lives were literally turned upside down when the Holy Spirit came upon them…

“…but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” Acts 1:8 (NASB)

Isn’t Botswana the remotest part of the earth? Just sayin’.

And here’s the thing – We believe God will turn our world upside down, but do we live like it? I can’t answer that for you. I can only say that in answering the above, God has literally turned my world upside down in the last two years, without me even knowing it. He has walked with me, changed my own mindset, and has me working for kingdom treasure instead of my personal comfort. What a huge change!

I love it – YOU WILL receive power – YOU WILL be my witnesses… no qualifiers, no if you go to this church, or if you say that thing, or if you have a bunch of friends… just, YOU WILL. How exciting is that? Now, let’s start living like it. Let’s take some risks for Jesus, let’s share what God has done for us, let’s uphold someone who needs it… let’s start to live as if we believe God is going to turn our worlds upside down for His kingdom!


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