Revival 4 Women has a heart and passion to make a difference in the lives of women.  One way we are making a difference in our community is being a burden lifter for single moms.  We understand the demands of parenting and its a double demand for a single mom.  Revival 4 Women is  partnering with Thrive Single Moms to be a catalyst in restoring the life of a single mom.  We provide a love offering each quarter to help single moms get back on their feet. If you would like to help donate to our cause and help us reach out to more single moms, please click our Donate page.  We appreciate your donations.

If you know a single mom in need or are a single mom, please fill out our Request For Assistance form and email it back to us.  One of our team members will follow up with your request.

2017 Holiday Dinner & Gift Exchange for 3 Single Moms & their children

Back To School Back Packs for Single Mom Children


Christmas Gift Card Tree for Single MomIMG_0013

Walmart Gift Card for Struggling Single Momcarly single mom