Revival 4 Women is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization focused on enhancing the lives of women so families can remain strong and future generations are impacted. Our ministry is solely funded through donors and sponsors. As a Revive Radio sponsor, you are influencing lives globally anywhere & anytime as we record live on social media and podcast programs. As a radio sponsor you will be given a 30 second visual radio advertisement viewed locally and globally through social media outlets and podcast recordings.   Revive Radio is currently reaching over 4,000 viewers monthly.   Your business and branding will enjoy many benefits as a sponsor including high visibility with a captive audience.
Please contact the founder of Revival 4 Women if you are interested in applying.  Julie@gapgals.com

Current Radio Sponsor: Author Esther Rising

A story of an abusive high profile marriage from a wife of a former NFL player. Her story will help other women caught in abusive marriages and relationships.